No Consequences

by Scott Noelle

In our culture, everyone is trained to ignore their Emotional Guidance and replace it with arbitrary rules of “right” and “wrong.” Here’s a thought game you can play to reconnect with your Guidance in parenting situations...

When you’re not sure how to respond to a particular behavior of your child — when your mind is flooded with thoughts of what “they” say you “should” do — ask yourself this:

“What would I feel like doing if I knew there could be no negative consequences?”

In other words, pretend you have the magical power to guarantee that (a) nothing bad will happen to anyone and (b) no one will disapprove of your actions. You’re completely free to do what most pleases YOU.

You may be surprised by what you discover when you allow yourself to be guided entirely from within.

Of course there are consequences to every action. The purpose of this game is not to ignore them forever, just long enough to connect with your authentic Inner Guidance.

Originally published on 2006-10-11
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