Mother Nature Always Says YES!

by Scott Noelle

Don’t be fooled by the media’s portrayal of nature as brutal and savage.

Take a walk today with the intention of seeing Mother Nature’s life-positive attitude. Look carefully and you’ll see that there’s no end to the evidence of Well-Being.

When the dandelion asks, “May I grow?” Mother Nature says, “Yes! Here is a good place for you to grow.”

When the bumblebee asks, “May I have more nectar?” Mother Nature says, “Yes! Here is a dandelion who wants to share some with you.”

When all the creatures say, “May we live joyfully?” she says, “Yes! And you need never fear death, for it is merely returning to the loving arms of your Mother.”

Mother Nature ALWAYS finds a way to say “yes” — to maximize the pleasure of being alive.

As her children, we have that same capacity to say “yes” to pleasure, “yes” to creativity, and “yes” to living joyfully with our own children.

Originally published on 2006-06-05
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