Making Peace With What Is

by Scott Noelle

Once you realize that resisting your child’s unwanted behavior actually creates more of it, you may find yourself trying NOT to resist it. But that’s just resisting resistance, which is more of the same!

Releasing resistance begins with the paradoxical act of accepting your resistance, and then accepting the unwanted behavior itself. In other words, making peace with What Is.

The old habit of conditional/competitive thinking might cause you to resist making peace with What Is because it confuses surrender with defeat. But surrendering to What Is, is actually the victory of Love over fear. And it’s the key to manifesting what you DO want without resorting to violence.

Improve Your Groove

Today, pay close attention to how you feel in your body. Resistance is easy to identify: it always feels tense in some way. When you notice resistance, take a deep breath and gently remind yourself, “I could choose peace instead of this.”

Then let Peace choose you.

Originally published on 2006-07-19
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