Jump for Joy!

by Scott Noelle

A young girl, having recently completed a growth spurt, is discovering the power in her longer legs by literally jumping for joy.

“Can I reach the top of the fridge? . . . Yes!”

“Can I touch the basketball net? . . . Almost!”

Everywhere she goes, she’s looking higher, wondering what’s now within her reach, and thoroughly enjoying the discovery.

Fast-forward several years... She’s trying out for the college track team, doing the high jump. She’s competing with several good jumpers for a place on the team and an athletic scholarship. They keep raising the bar; the pressure to perform is intense... The joy is lost.

As a conscientious parent, you are like a high jumper! Your parenting vision is lofty, and sometimes it may seem the bar is set too high. Those are the times to lighten up and remember that parenting is not a competition — to remember that JOY is the reason you keep reaching higher.

Originally published on 2007-03-29
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