Your Inner Spell-Checker

by Scott Noelle

When you care about the quality of your writing, you use a spell-checker. And these days spell-checkers can underline misspelled words the instant you type them.

Likewise, if you care about the quality of your life (including your parenting), it helps to have the equivalent of a spell-checker for your mind.

Call it a “thought-checker.” :)

Everyone has a built-in thought-checker, and the way it “underlines” your misguided thoughts is through your emotions.

In other words, every time you think a thought that’s not in your personal “dictionary” of authentic thoughts, you feel a negative emotion. Conversely, being authentic makes you feel better or lighter.

While spell-checkers conveniently suggest correct spellings, your thought-checker must be programmed to suggest thoughts that are more authentic.

Improve Your Groove

Today, “program” your thought-checker by mentally reviewing recent stressful experiences and then asking yourself, “What was I thinking when I felt that stress?” Next ask, “What’s an alternative thought, perspective, or interpretation that would’ve felt better?”

With practice, it’ll get easier and easier to align your thoughts with your heart’s desires — to be true to your Self. :)

Originally published on 2007-07-20
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