You ‘Should’ Follow Your Bliss

by Scott Noelle

Imagine a world with no shame and blame — where it’s impossible to be “bad.”

Imagine a world where people can stumble, make mistakes, and sometimes even hurt each other, but they are never deemed “wrong.”

Errors are noticed, and course-corrections are made, but blame and shame never enter the picture.

In this imaginary world, the word should is obsolete. Think about it: the force behind any “should” is almost always fear of being judged (which includes self-judgment).

So, in our shame- and blame-free world, “should” has no teeth, and you’re free to follow your bliss.

Fortunately, the things that really matter to you — like contributing to your children’s well-being — feel blissful when you do them, so you want to do them. No “shoulding” is required.

Improve Your Groove

Today, pretend your world is free of blame and shame, so you have no reason ever to “should on yourself.” :) How does your day unfold differently when you simply do what makes your heart happy?

Originally published on 2007-02-15
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