Leading-edge Parenting Requires Faith

by Scott Noelle

Parenting on the leading edge — nonviolently, unconditionally, creatively — is an act of faith.

There’s no guarantee that it will “work,” and there’s no shortage of naysayers who are quick to tell you it will NOT work.

Blind faith is believing what others tell you, but authentic faith is trusting your Inner Guidance, a.k.a. intuition, inspiration, instincts, or gut feelings.

For this style of parenting to work, you have to (a) stay checked in with your Guidance, (b) follow it, and (c) accept that it takes time for inner changes to be reflected in outer conditions (including children’s behavior).

Fortunately, practicing the Art of Unconditionality means you don’t have to wait for those outer changes to enjoy parenting now!

Originally published on 2006-05-17
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