DARE To Be Real!

by Scott Noelle

Older kids often dare each other to do or say something funny, risky, taboo, or outrageous.

These dare games give them opportunities to practice being bigger than the arbitrary rules, limits, and norms of society. And while the most daring kids may get into trouble with society, they also develop the extraordinary courage needed to uphold society’s highest ideals.

Improve Your Groove

Today, pretend you’re a kid playing a dare game with yourself. Notice when you’re on the edge of your comfort zone and dare yourself to step beyond it. For example...

  • If your child “misbehaves” in public: “I DARE ME to keep my heart open and respond creatively, even though everyone is probably thinking I should punish my child.”
  • If your friend is parenting in a way that you believe s/he’ll eventually regret: “I DARE ME to tell my friend what I see.”

Have fun with this! Start small and build up to bigger dares.

You may find that being courageous makes you feel as big as you actually are. :)

Originally published on 2007-05-30
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