Balance vs. Bigness

by Scott Noelle

The competitive mindset of our culture leads many parents to put their individual desires and needs first — to the exclusion of their children’s desires and needs. Others go to the opposite extreme of putting their children first while sacrificing their own desires.

Both extremes are unhealthy, so the majority of parents try to find a balance. Each party makes some sacrifices so that everyone can get some of what they want.

But you’re idealistic and don’t want to compromise when it comes to nurturing your children! Fortunately, there’s another choice: expansion, or as I like to say, “getting bigger.”

Smallness says, “My kids won’t let me pursue my interests; they want ALL my attention.”

Bigness says, “There must be a way we can all be satisfied; I just don’t see it yet.”

Being open to yet unseen possibilities is what allows you to expand. The question is:  Are you willing to let yourself be as big as you really are?

Originally published on 2006-08-07
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