Posted 2015-12-25

A Christmas Wish

by Scott Noelle

Dear Groovy Readers,

Here’s a list of religious labels (in alphabetical order) that have applied to members of my immediate family (including my wife and our parents) at one time or another: Atheist, Catholic, Jewish, New Thought, Protestant, and Zen Buddhist.

I won’t mention which of those labels, if any, apply to me now, because my point is that experiencing life from a variety of perspectives benefits me more than any one perspective.

Today my family is celebrating the Christmas holiday, and I suppose you could say it’s an Atheist, Catholic, Jewish, New Thought, Protestant, Zen Buddhist Christmas.

But it’s simpler to say we’re having a lovely Christmas. That is, we’re doing our best, despite our foibles, to use the occasion as an excuse to love a little more than usual.

And so, whatever labels you may embrace (or not), I wish you and your family a truly lovely Christmas.