Posted 2018-03-14

Upcoming Events with Scott Noelle

The Parent Shift starts next Monday

This “Masterclass Series” of expert interviews is focused on raising “resilient and happy kids” and hosted by my new friend Di Ana Pisarri. In her interview with me, we explored several parenting topics including how to be a LEADER without being a dictator. It was a fun conversation, and you can hear it, along with more than 20 others, for free if you sign up for The Parent Shift here.

• Planning a European Tour!

I’ve been invited to speak at the Conscious Parenting Festival 2018, in Sweden, 15-19 August. (Read about last year’s festival here.) While I’m in Europe, I’d like to visit several countries and connect with groups of parents who share my interests in Partnership Parenting, Self-Directed Education (including “unschooling”), and/or The Continuum Concept. If you are interested in organizing a gathering and/or hosting my family, please contact me at

• Private Coaching

I work with a small number of parents who are committed to deep personal growth through the art of parenting, and I currently have time for one or two new clients who want to have ongoing (weekly or bi-weekly) private coaching sessions by phone or Skype. More info here.


Have a groovy day!   ~Scott