Creator, or Reactor?

by Scott Noelle

An understanding of power is needed to become an effective human being. So children are instinctively driven to discover the nature of power, and they look to their parents for clues.

Our children especially notice our reactions. When we react to something, that thing appears to have power.

Whether you react positively (like when someone gives you flowers) or negatively (like when you see a big spider in your house), you are teaching your child that those things are powerful.

  • When you worry about a possession, you give it power.
  • When you are offended by certain words, you give them power.
  • When you react to something in the news, you give it power.
  • When you react to your child’s behavior, you give it power.

Improve Your Groove

Today, notice your reactions and consider what they might be teaching your child about power.

By being creative rather than reactive, you demonstrate that Authentic Power comes from within.

Originally published on 2006-06-16
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