PREsponsive Parenting

by Scott Noelle

Raising a child in harmony with human nature is like driving to a distant city. The road isn’t straight, but it’ll get you there.

For example, the road to independence as an adult is via dependence as a baby. Going straight to independence is a disaster.

You know you’ve veered off course when the ride becomes suddenly rough, so you steer back to the smooth road. Responsive parenting is like that: answering a baby’s cries or a child’s aggression with unconditional love and nurturing.

But when driving, you rarely veer off the road. You stay centered in your lane for a smooth ride! You stay attuned to the road, so you can adjust course before you veer off.

In other words, you can PREspond!

Improve Your Groove

Today, if you hit a rough spot with your child, be responsive, but also consider how you might have presponded, and refine your attunement accordingly.

Pleasure-oriented presponsiveness can turn your parenting journey into a JOYride! :)

Originally published on 2006-11-28
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