The Perspective Game

by Scott Noelle

Think of someone (outside your family) whom you admire greatly — someone you really look up to. It can be a friend, someone you’ve never met, or even a historical figure.

Got someone in mind? . . . Good!

Now imagine you ARE that person. Take his or her perspective as fully as you can. Then imagine that you (as that person) are looking at the actual you.

How do you see yourself from the perspective of this person? (You may notice that this person you look up to doesn’t look down on you!)

Now take the perspective of your child, and look at yourself through your child’s eyes. When your child looks up to you (literally), does s/he feel like a lesser being? Or does s/he simply feel connected? Or...?

Try taking the perspective of everyone you meet today. Have fun discovering the many ways to see the world... and yourself... and your child!

No single perspective is “right.” Keep the perspectives that feel good to you, and release those that don’t.

Originally published on 2007-06-19
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