The Cast Party

by Scott Noelle

As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players...”

Today we’ll take that metaphor a step further, for when a play closes, the players celebrate their accomplishment with a cast party.

At the cast party, everyone relaxes and recalls the goof-ups, missed entrances, botched lines, and malfunctioning props — not with the terror these mishaps evoked at the time, but with rolling-on-the-floor laughter!

NOW they can laugh because the pressure is off. They’ve put away their costumes and returned to being who they really are.

Here’s the wonderful thing about the real-life play called Parenthood: You don’t have to wait for the cast party to relax and be real. You can “break character” and re-write the script on the fly.

So why not make the play itself more like a cast party?! Why wait until it’s over to enjoy the difficult times?

Life is NOW! And it’s all good.

Originally published on 2006-12-06
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